Grid Systems

“Invisible except to the trained eye, grid systems are a subtle but vital part of the design process. Not only to grids provide publications and other media with structure, but also a rhythm to which they can dance.” -Goodman Continue reading



“A design’s layout is a map for the viewer. Those viewing a design need to feel as if the designer knows the road- and layout is the map that makes that possible.”- Goodman
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“Contrast doesn’t just make design visually engaging- it can also be the prime organizing factor for a design’s formation. Contrast can tell us where to look first in a design, what to notice second. Fortunately, contrast can be achieved in a variety of ways, limited only by your imagination.” -Goodman Continue reading


“Typography can be considered a hidden art. Just because the consumer may not notice your clever creation of a ligature or your subtle shifting of text alignment doesn’t mean that your efforts aren’t crucial to the message. With these types of basics, you can communicate anything.” -Goodman Continue reading