Infographic Ideas

  1. Graphic identity
    1. Distill- This means considering many icons that could portray the client and distilling the list down to the best options
    2. Translate- Transforming various elements into ideal representations
    3. Formalize visual consistency- All of the elements of the design must be visually compatible with one and other
    4. Simplify- The final image must be simple and appropriate
    5. the ideal
  2. Web Design
    1. usability- Usability professionals are vital in allowing the user a smooth and clear experience with a companies website.
    2. web content that works- “Understanding your audiences and what they need is critical to deciding what to write, how much to write, the vocabulary to use, and how to organize the content in your website.”
    3. experience design- “While all experiences aren’t created equally, all must compete for the attention of the audience and participants.”
    4. What creates a great user experience?- User experience (UX) focuses on having a deep understanding of users, what they need, what they value, their abilities, and also their limitations.
    5. common themes

    1. Goodman
      1. Grid systems- “Invisible except to the trained eye, grid systems are a subtle but vital part of the design process. Not only to grids provide publications and other media with structure, but also a rhythm to which they can dance.” -Goodman
      2. layout- “A design’s layout is a map for the viewer. Those viewing a design need to feel as if the designer knows the road- and layout is the map that makes that possible.”- Goodman
      3. contrast- “Contrast doesn’t just make design visually engaging- it can also be the prime organizing factor for a design’s formation. Contrast can tell us where to look first in a design, what to notice second. Fortunately, contrast can be achieved in a variety of ways, limited only by your imagination.” -Goodman
      4. typography- “Typography can be considered a hidden art. Just because the consumer may not notice your clever creation of a ligature or your subtle shifting of text alignment doesn’t mean that your efforts aren’t crucial to the message. With these types of basics, you can communicate anything.” -Goodman
      5. critique and analysis- “Learning to see how and why other designs communicate will only improve your work- opening your eyes to infinite possibilities.”- Goodman

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