Grid Systems

“Invisible except to the trained eye, grid systems are a subtle but vital part of the design process. Not only to grids provide publications and other media with structure, but also a rhythm to which they can dance.” -Goodman


What rules: design projects have certain things in common, columns for text, areas for illustrations, headlines, page numbers etc. In order to neatly convey all of this material, grid systems are essential. However, it is important to understand that grid systems are not solely lines, but incorporating the understanding of visual design as a whole.

Why use grid systems?: 

  • Reusable system
  • One- time use grid system
  • Making vital information clear to the reader

Developing a grid: 

  1. Uncovering how a designer used a grid system for their project
  2. Beginning with one element and going from there- allowing the piece to connect
  3. Mathematical formulas: ex. the Fibonacci Series (pictured below)fibonacci_spiral_by_hop41-d4xna2n

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