“Typography can be considered a hidden art. Just because the consumer may not notice your clever creation of a ligature or your subtle shifting of text alignment doesn’t mean that your efforts aren’t crucial to the message. With these types of basics, you can communicate anything.” -Goodman

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Typography is “the artful representation of words”, it is a fundamental building block of graphic design.The use of written language is what destinguishes typography as a seprate artistic entity than fashion, architecture etc. The best typographer does not solely rely on a computer but has mastered the art themselves.

Type design is essential in the understanding of typography. There are several styles; old style, transitional, digital and modern for example. Digital type has created a new genre in type design. All of these allow for a unique typographic personality.

In order for a design to be visually appealing to viewers it has to display visual compatibility. This deals with the size, design and layout of the text in order to intrigue the audience. It must allow for ease of reading and understanding as well.

Alignments are also necessary to distinguish important information. This allows for the header/main topic to resonate with the reader and can especially be seen demonstrated in newspaper and magazine articles.

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