Filter Blogging- Group Assignment

Filter Blogging- Blogging that is focused on collecting information from several different sources and packaging it in a concise way that sums up the whole story. This is a filter blogging example of a current event.

Hillary Clinton and the Email Scandal


  • Hillary Clinton’s run from president is not official, but she is right on track to be the Democratic forerunner. Ready for Hillary- Updates
  • An Associated Press report Wednesday said Clinton used her own email servers, rather than a third-party provider like Gmail or Yahoo. That’s raised questions about whether Clinton was making a deliberate attempt to prevent her messages from being disclosed by open records request or subpoenas. “Everything We Know About Hillary Clinton’s Email” TIME
  • With her run for president, there have been rumors of Clinton conducting government business from a private email when she was the Secretary of State.Hillary Clinton asks State dept. to release her emails

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