Web Content that Works

“Understanding your audiences and what they need is critical to deciding what to write, how much to write, the vocabulary to use, and how to organize the content in your website.”


It is important to remember that the audience is constantly interpreting the information presented to them on a website in unique and personalized manners. What may be confusing and strange to one visitor could be informative to another, this is why catering a site’s content to its target audience is essential.

How to reach your audience…

This can be done in a variety of ways. Business 2 Community recommends using multiple social media outlets to reach their audience in their article “Why Every Business Should be Using Multiple Social Media Accounts”. They argue that it allows a company to reach even more of their desired audience and it is essential in order to be relevent in comparison to their competition.

In order to appeal to an audience, one must first understand their audience. This requires gathering information about them, their characteristics, goals and tasks etc. After this is accomplished, one can focus on establishing a sites brand, and setting the tone and personality of the site. This should appeal to the target audience and be tested with ideal candidates. There are even external sites to aid in helping other websites test an audience such as usertesting.com.

Clear content is key…

“A useful home page for both new and returning site visitors is almost all links with a few brief descriptions to help people very quickly understand what the site is all about.” -‘Letting Go of the Words‘ article by Janice Redish

Bombarding readers with excessive content can be overwhelming and cause them to lose interest in the site. As described in the article “7 SEO strategies to implement in 2015“, these homepages must be optimized not only for computers, but mobile phone usage as well. This can be done by focusing on simplicity, organization and keywords.


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