What Creates A Great User Experience?

User experience (UX) focuses on having a deep understanding of users, what they need, what they value, their abilities, and also their limitations.- usability.gov


It is important that websites, apps etc. offer a great experience to their viewers/users. This can be done in a multitude of ways. Web design is crucial in entertaining and keeping an audience. Storytelling is also an effective resource. However, providing a consistent brand that appeals to the audience is what solidifies a great user experience. Below I discuss 5 more well-known sites/apps/blogs that offer a great and unique experience to their audience.

1. Media Site (non-blog)- Facebook

Facebook offers its users a great experience, this is demonstrated alone by the amount of users it has (1.23 billion monthly active users- thenextweb.com). Their brand and design centers around both strong and weak ties networking with one and other. However, what really makes Facebook a great experience is its productivity. In an interview for the Wall Street Journal, Facebook’s CIO Timothy Capos discussed that the secret of Facebook’s success is its custom- built software tools. Facebook understands that its users are busy and it uses cutting edge technology to track and organize its users. A site that helps people stay on track is one that caters to its audience, thus making it a great experience.

2. Brand Site- Apple

The modern simplicity of Apple’s website offers its audience a great experience. Apple has been voted #1 for the best global brands for the second year in a row. The site shows a story of their innovation with all of their products clearly listed. Apple lists its products in a clean, straightforward manner that allow users to attempt to answer their own questions with the click of a button. Because their website is designed to be easy to use for any person, it offers a great experience.

3. Blog- Business Insider

“The Internet has disrupted many industries. The newspaper business has been destroyed. It’s beginning to happen, arguably, to television. Consumer behavior is changing!”- Henry Blodget,

Henry Blodget, the editor in chief of Business Insider stated in an interview with the New Yorker. Business insider is not what comes to mind when thinking of the conventional “blog”. However it is, and its design has conformed to the changing consumer behavior that Blodget discussed. They have made a reputable brand quickly, the blog already draws a larger audience than CNBC, and are now the largest business news site on the web. It offers a great experience because it understands its audience- they are affluent business people, and they want stories instantly- so they conform their site to fit their audience. A common web design that users enjoy is being able to participate and interact with the site, Business Insider also offers this.

4. App- Google Maps

Google Maps joined two expensive and popular products into one- the smart phone and the GPS. Not only is downloading this app cheaper than a GPS, it is found to be easier to use than your phones maps and a traditional GPS, as stated in pcmag.

“With Google Maps, you’ll see estimated travel times, integration with your Google account for quick access to your home and work addresses (optional), and the ability to rotate the map by pressing two fingers to the screen and twisting them.”

Google Maps offers a convenient, accurate and descriptive experience. The ease of use for a good price offers its users a great experience.

5. Site where one performs a specific task/function- Expedia

Expedia has acquired its competitors, Travelocity, and more recently, Orbitz.

“By bringing Orbitz into the fold, Expedia gains access to the Orbitz namesake brand, as well as brands like CheapTickets and HotelClub. Expedia’s portfolio already consists of nearly a dozen brands such as Hotels.com and Hotwire.”- Mercury News.

Though monopolies are usually frowned upon by consumers, Expedia’s expansion means it can now bring more deals to its clients. It is simple to use and saves people a lot of money- offering its users a great experience.


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