“Experience Design”

“While all experiences aren’t created equally, all must compete for the attention of the audience and participants.” –Shedroff ‘Experience Design’

stock-photo-designer-drawing-website-development-wireframe-156863096 copy

Websites do not just compete with other websites, they compete with various mediums in the digital world. The most successful websites are unique and challenge traditional media. It is not enough simply to create a website in order to be competitive. Websites must show quality that demonstrates why they are more beneficial than traditional mediums.

Know your audience…

“Every experience lives on in further experiences”, the article states. In order to compel an audience to continue viewing a website, their previous interactions with the site must give them reason to do so. The website needs to demonstrate information that the audience could not see without the existence of the web. New technologies enable the public at large to witness innovations that they used to only read about. Now they can see these developments. One company that has taken advantage of audiences curiosity is NASA. Even if the material lacks description, it is the quality that interests the audience and further demonstrates NASA’s reputability.

The ability of an audience to interact with the site is a key difference in the web and traditional outlets. It is not the just the technology that separates websites but the people served by it. This is why a web design is so key, they must gear the experience towards the publics interests. It must cater to modern fast paced society and the fact that people are instantly able to have a voice and opinion in the digital public sphere.

A responsive experience..

Multi User Domains are one example that shows the willingness of the pubresponsive-web-design-infographiclic at large to interact with one and other. In this domain, strangers are able to come together to create a narrative. Websites can even program “bots” to automatically interact with participants, this demonstrates a very sophisticated design.

The article states an interesting point that demonstrates human nature and how the web has incorporated these fundamentals, “people have an inherent need to express themselves. Experiences that allow people to communicate with each other or simply to be heard tend to be rewarding, satisfying ones.”

Networking with weak and strong ties is an idea we have explored earlier. The interactive nature of the internet demonstrates the importance of a “responsive” web design. In other words, people have an innate desire to have a memorable experience with their medium. Companies like Google have publicly advocated for the necessity of a responsive experience with a companies/sites web design. In order for a site to accomplish this, they must have a sophisticated web design that demonstrates quality and the importance of audience interaction in furthering a company/websites reputation.

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