Group Assignment WYFF

WYFF “The latest Greenville news and weather. For live, local, late-breaking Greenville, SC, news coverage, WYFF is the place to be.”

Is this site journalism? Why or why not? Is it both, and if so, how? Show/give examples.
Journalism is a discipline that deals with the reporting of facts in an objective manner. WYFF is the Greenville news station that caters primarily to the people of the Upstate by keeping them updated on breaking news, weather, traffic reports, and sports. WYFF is a form of journalism as it provides its readers with applicable stories to their lives.

How does the site incorporate “citizen journalism,” social commentary or input, or sources pulled from average citizens?
WYFF incorporates the people of Greenville by offering different forms of interaction with the station. This includes the “submit a tip” option, which allows for people to anonymously submit reports on stories of their choosing. People can also submit through uLocal, which is a way of submitting photos, videos, and written news to improve the verification through witness accounts. WYFF also offers surveys to further incorporate viewers to allow further input and feedback – both professional and unprofessional.

How does the site source its information? What type of sources do they use, and how are sources incorporated in the reports?
When using other people’s words or opinions in their stories, they provide visual evidence through Tweets, videos, or providing the names of the source (PUT SCREENSHOTS). The reporter’s name is provided at the top of a story to also provide evidence as to who wrote it. When other news stations are used (i.e. Dr. Oz or CNN), they are cited as well to give them the proper credibility.

What is the writing style? Is it straightforward? Dry? Poetic? Long-form?
The stories written by the professional reporters are objective and informative whereas the submissions through locals are not as professional. For example, the submissions through uLocal are more of appealing images, humorous tweets, or more entertainment-based.
Valentine's Day Rainbow

How does the site establish credibility of both the brand and reporters?
WYFF provides verification of its stories by showing that it is a credible and licensed news source. For example, they provide the license for their radio broadcasting station that reads that, “This license is issued on the licensee’s representation that the statements contained in licensee’s application are true and that the undertakings therein contained so far as they are consistent herewith, will be carried out in good faith.” This is also the case for their television station. As far as the website, stories are constantly being updated to further solidify the facts of the story to provide as much credibility and verified facts as possible. This can be seen with the story about the bomb threats at College of Charleston.
College of Charleston

How does the site make money? Where/how are ads used? Who advertises?
The website uses ads to make money. The ads are posted at the bottom of a page and typically advertise things that are applicable to viewers such as DirecTV promotions and hair growth. To advertise on this site, you must submit your advertising. WYFF makes this easy by providing all the necessary contact information for the advertisers.

How often is the site updated?
Popular stories are constantly being updated to keep viewers and listeners well informed. This can be seen with the story about the bomb threats at College of Charleston. This story, for example, is being updated almost every minute.

How is multimedia used? Visuals? Graphics? How are stories packaged? Is it entertaining?
Visuals such as images, videos, or interactive maps are used to further enhance a story or news reporting. Visuals capture the audience and draw people in to a story as they easily catch the eye. Visuals also better a person’s understanding of a situation such as with photos of weather.

What are your favorite things about the site? Least favorite?
My favorite thing about this site is that it provides a lot of information about a lot of different topics. This, however, also makes the site very busy, which is extremely unappealing.

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