Ads and Journalism Response

Discussion questions about what defines modern journalism and news.


How will news and advertisements be presented in the future? How will they differ from now? (how will presentation differ)

Just as the article “Citizen Journalists” discussed the evolution from the printing press to tablets and mobile phones; I believe the same will be true in the future. It is related to the Superbowl car commercial featuring Katie Couric. The future is all about technology, whether that be news or cars. In the future we will see more digital ads and news- whether that be digital billboards or online periodicals. An important idea about the news to consider was discussed in the BBC video- the most provocative headline wins. Thus, news and ads will continue to try to outplay one and other to intrigue the audience.

What is the relationship between news and globalization? (Jeep commercial during superbowl)

Globalization is a process of interaction and integration among the people, companies, and governments of different nations, a process driven by international trade and investment and aided by information technology. This has dramatically increased through the expansion of technology. People then used this technology to make blogs and interact through social networking cites. This allows for individuals with weak ties to be exposed to ideas of people that are not in their immediate public sphere.

Another example of localization is featured in the “Citizen Journalists” article about first hand reports: blogging from a war zone. Anyone in the world with intent access also has the ability to read a first hand account of what the war is like from a soldiers perspective.

Do you consider the Colbert report to be journalism? What is it that defines journalism?

I do consider the Colbert Report to be journalism. He takes a more modern perspective of journalism in that his accounts tend to be very biased. It relates to the article “Journalism of Verification”, the article defines the essence journalism as “a discipline of verification.”  Though his reporting is not necessarily unbiased, it tends to be truthful- he verifies his sources and discusses his accounts and opinions in a video blog type style that is still journalistic and intriguing to the audience.

Why is BuzzFeed delving in to investigative journalism now?

This idea also connects with the article “Journalism of Verification”. People value entertainment, but they also value verified sources that are considered to be newsworthy. The inventor of BuzzFeed stated, “we don’t care what people click- we care about what they share”. Since people already share so much of BuzzFeeds entertaining articles, they might as well delve into investigative journalism so that their audience can get both humorous and news articles in one place- and share it on their social media networks.

The BBC video discussed the idea that the “truth is often boring”. BuzzFeed has a knack for making most articles entertaining so perhaps they could do the same with investigative journalism.

How do commercials benefit a company of they do not showcase their products?

All a commercial must to to appeal to their audience is just that- find a way to compel the audience into watching the commercial in hopes they will further investigate the company/product. Visual rhetoric is a very persuasive medium even if the product itself is not shown. One effective method of advertising without even showing a product is through storytelling- this was a common theme in this years Superbowl commercials. Narratives also get the audience talking- this is the goal of any effective ad, thus, even without showing its product it is effective.


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