Digital Media vs. Analog Media

“Web users do not merely read online content, they interact with it.”- ‘Writing for Digital Media‘ by Brian Carroll


Why digital media?…

Digital media allows the audience to have a presence and opinion. They are not just passively reading others words but have the ability to comment and share that does not exist with print media. This also gives authors incentive to be credible. Given the fact that readers can respond and argue, authors still have the same responsibility for credibility that exists with print. digital-publishing-explosion-1

The need to be clear and concise is also vital in both kinds of writing. If an author lacks these skills, their writing will seem less serious and thus not be considered credible. Credibility earns the author respect- this respect can lead to consistent readers that can aid with “sharing” and publicizing. The site must also appear professional in order to properly resonate with the audience. This is where an understanding of electracy is again important.

Various views…

However, no matter how educated the author is on the given subject and how visually appealing the site is, no article/work is void of bias. If a reader does not share a certain viewpoint they tend to cast aside the article no matter how well written it may be. For example, a strong member of the Republican party would not be interested in reading an article about global warming because it does not appeal to their values. One way to bypass the issue ofriley_media-bias_toon identification by showing multiple viewpoints and the pros/cons of each. Though one argument tends to be stronger than another, it allows the reader to not only identify with the article but also to be enlightened by a new viewpoint.


Another beauty of digital media is the ability to incorporate various kinds of tools and technology that aid in conveying and describing key points in the text. Whether it be a video, external link, image etc. visuals greatly add to the possible rhetorical persuasion. They also are geared towards todays modern and fast paced society. Digital media allows people to have access to news throughout the entire day- instead of just the morning paper or evening news. Web pages can also constantly updated- allowing the information to be up-to-date and factual.

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