Ulmer and Electracy

According to Ulmer, electracy “is to digital media what literacy is to print.” 


Electracy is a theory by Gregory Ulmer that describes the kind of skills and facility necessary to exploit the full communicative potential of new electronic media such as multimediahypermediasocial software, and virtual worlds. According to Ulmer, electracy “is to digital media what literacy is to print.”  There must be a system that enables individuals to have a commglasbergen06-02-20011on understanding of literacy as well as technology- this is where the idea of electracy comes into play. Just as there are necessary skills in understanding the written word; the same is true with grasping electronic media and the mediums used to communicate it. In essence, electracy is the language of digital media. 

The importance…

Understanding electracy is becoming a necessary skill in todays day and age. There are various apparatus’ in the knowledge of electracy. Innovation is a constant in the digital media world- thus up to date skills are a necessity as well. This is an idea expressed with electracy. Because of its constant evolvement, electracy has become important not only in the world of technology, but the related subjects of science and engineering as well. Understanding the fundamentals allows better work. 

Electracy not only demonstrates the need to understand the language of technology- but also the implications of a society focused around electronic media. A networked culture can have repercussions. Especially considering the speed at which ideas can be published. Social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook allow people with even a small understanding of digital literacy to publish ideas instantly. twitter-gif-transparent Electracy recognizes human potential both good and bad. The simplicity allows for free speech like never before, however the technology shows cutting edge engineering. It is a new dimension of life and knowledge. Since the science of computers is well on its way to developing an artificial brain, as described in the article “Training Computers to Understand Sentiments Conveyed By Images” from Product Design and Development, it is essential that every person know the workings and language of technology and computers.

A digital language…

This website about electracy states “the Internet is an emerging institution that is to electracy what school was to literacy; that the categorial, logical, and rhetorical practices needed to function natively in this institution have to be invented, and moreover that the invention of an image metaphysics (the equivalent of what Aristotle accomplished for the written word) has its own invention stream, independent of the features of modern recording equipment.”  Another beauty of electracy is that it is an electronic language/type and thus is preserved in networks. In order for one to excel in digital media an understanding of electracy is essential. Users can learn from others and be inspired with new ways to take advantage of electracy and digital media possibilities.

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