Digital Media Articles

“Digital Media- Digitized content (text, graphics, audio, and video) that can be transmitted over internet or computer networks.”-

Tablet PC with cloud of application icons

Google Article

“The ultimate search engine is something as smart as people—or smarter,” one of the inventors of Google stated in the article ‘Google isn’t making us stupid, we are‘ by Anna Farmery. The idea of an artificial brain is becoming a reality with todays technology. This is a new way to convey digital media and digital communications. This idea redefines how the internet works, especially regarding digital communications, not only allowing each network to connect, but people and their ideas as well.

Digital communications enables people to be exposed to various types of cultures and ideas that they would not have access to through traditional means such as books and periodicals that are narrowly focused. However, the “artificial brain” can be problematic given the fact that not everything accessible on the internet is factual.

I argue that these developments do not hinder memory- internet technology allows ideas to exist forever. The idea of an artificial brain is interesting because it is a combination of knowledge and ideas.

Twitter Article

The internet allows ideas to be unrestricted, whereas books must end, the internet builds. However, that does allow for useless posts to be created and seen- a downside to digital communication. Thus, venues have been created to advertise beneficial knowledge; sites such as Medium. Medium allows the author to focus on the material rather than the format of their site.

Digital media enables people to focus on all areas; whether that be strictly informational sites, or geared toward design and graphics. However, in order for a source to be considered credible, their site generally needs to be organized and advanced.


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